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Hotel Britania, breathtaking surviving statement in Art Deco, is a marvellous Boutique hotel located in the old town of Lisbon, on a peaceful street next to popular Avenida da Liberdade, major thoroughfare in the city.

Hotel Britania is unique in its genre and so interesting from an architectural point of view that it has no equal in Lisbon.Built in the 1940's on the original project by Cassiano Branco this structure provides outstanding period ambiances blended in with alluring modern touches.

This small hotel has been completely restored, recovering its authentic Art Deco splendour and being equipped with all the latest facilities that will definitely suit our guests.A lavish marble entrance hall welcomes guests to absolute luxury with its precious walls and floors and gleaming bronze antiques. Imposing columns framing the polished mirror doors evoke a rich past. The hotel's entrance hall leads to the bar, marked by a cheerful sociable atmosphere.

A more intimate environment is offered by the living room where guests indulge reading a book with pleasant background music, while they are getting warm by the open fireplace.

This is a nice relaxing frame, where you can choose a book from the well-stocked library and have a look at the old pictures hanging at the walls, portraying world-wide known Portuguese personalities who stayed at Hotel Britania during their life.

The hotel has an on-site barber's shop dating back to the structure's earliest times. Inside it are the period comfortable chair "Pessoa" and old newspapers useful to piece together the occurrences of Lisbon's history.

A magnificent staircase along with a wooden and metal handrail were designed by Cassiano Branco, leading architect of the past century. Airy and sunny hallways exalt the black and white tiled floors that call to mind the decoration of the lavish entrance hall. The Britania looks like an exclusive club for its size and harmonious atmosphere. The hotel's main legacy is however the tradition of hospitality, offered this by an attentive and dedicated team who will definitely cherish guests, making them feel at home in Lisbon.


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